Quality Policy


The objective of Permanoid Ltd is to achieve and maintain a leading position in the cable industry through the continuous improvement of service to our customers. In this respect our policy is to:


Continually monitor and develop the quality management system (ISO9001/2008)  and provide the resource necessary for it's effective implementation.


Ensure that the requirements and expectations of our customers in respect of product specification, quality of manufacture and quality of service are complied  wih or exceeded whilst a competitive price is maintained.


Communicate the quality policy to all staff, customers, suppliers and contractors.


Comply with statutory and regulatory requirements related to our business.


Manage , evaluate and develop all resources needed to continually improve the business.


Monitor and develop all processes based on objectives set, to add value to the business. (See Key Performance Indicators).



Quality Manager   


Quality Approvals    


ISO 9001:2008 - British Approvals Service for Electric Cables (BASEC)        

                            Monitored every 3 months.        





Product Approvals


Underwriters Laboratories (UL)    -   Tri Rated Cables sampled/checked monthly


Canadian Standards Association -   Tri Rated Cables sampled/checked every

(CSA)                                                    six weeks.


Environmental Policy


As a manufacturer of electrical cables, Permanoid is committed throughout its business to respect the environment. In particular it is the policy of Permanoid to comply with the appropriate environmental legislation and regulations, montor performance and strive for continuous improvement. In this respect our policy is to:


Quantify and monitor all environmental legislation and regulations that relate to our bussiness and the health and safety of our employees and the community in which we operate.


Minimise waste by auditing manufacturing processes and seek alternative to landfill disposal wherever possible.


Encourage suppliers to adopt an environmental policy similar to our own.


Communicate environmental policy to all staff, customers suppliers and contractors.


Improve energy efficiency by assessing manufacturing processes, factory and office management systems.



Environmental Officer


Permanoid is a founder member of the British Cable Association