Airfield Lighting Cable

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Airfield Lighting Cable

These primary airfield lighting cables are suitable for commercial and military applications at voltages up to 5KV r.m.s. to earth and frequencies between 50 and 60Hz.

Manufacturing is generally in accordance with such aviation authorities as FAA, ICAO, BAA and the Dept. of the Environment Standard M&E 42.

Conductors are 6mm² (7/1.04mm) plain copper meeting the requirements of EN 60288


Part No Voltage Insulation Thickness Braid Sheath Thickness Diameter
Rating Material (mm) (PCW) Material (mm) (mm)
2X627 2KV Polyethylene 2.5 No PVC 1.15 10.45
2X948 5KV XLPE 2.5 No HRPVC 0.9 9.96
10X437 5KV Polyethylene 2.5 Yes PVC 1.2 11.35

A wide range of colours are available and coloured stripes can be added to extend the range even further.

Sheaths can be marked to suit your individual needs

All dimensions are nominal unless otherwise specified