Armouring & Sheathing Service

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Permanoid offer cable armouring and oversheathing services, including mica taping, a range of armour wire sizes and braid as well as XLPE, LSF, PE and PVC oversheathing options.

We offer a fast turn-around on our cable armouring and sheathing service. All you need to do us tell us the diameter of the free-issue cable and the type of sheath you require and we’ll design a suitable armouring configuration and send you a quotation.

We use galvanised steel armour wires ranging from 0.90mm up to 2.00mm dependant on the diameter of the supplied cable.

Final sheathing materials available are PVC (several grades), Polyethylene (medium & high density), LSHF & Polyurethane.

The typical size range for this service is an input diameter of 6mm up to 29mm.

For further information please call our sales team on +44 (0)161 205 6161 or email